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Limestone Property Management

Snowbird Management

Are you a Landlord who goes down South for the Winter?

Are you torn between finding a qualified company to manage your property when you are away, but do not want to be locked in for a 1-year Contract?

This Property Management package is geared towards active Landlords who enjoy their time away during the winter months. We understand that some Owners want the flexibility in being able to leave for months at a time, while having a trusted and experienced company manages your investment.

All of our services under our popular ‘Standard Management Package’ is found under this package. The only difference is you, the Owner, have control of how long you need our help. We have some Owners who go away for 6 months and some that visit their family for 2 months. There is no 1-year contract, only a 2-month minimum contract.

Our team will meet with you and review your building, documents and understand your property so that our time managing becomes as seamless as possible.

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