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Ten Simple Steps To Being The Best Roommate Ever

Living with people is never easy, especially if it’s for the first time. With so much going on in our lives, who has time to figure this stuff out ourselves? That’s why we have scoured the internet to find the top complaints from housemates to compose a list of Ten Simple Steps To Be The Best Roommate Ever.

Do your own dishes – This had to be the most common complaint from all roommates. It seems simple enough, but without a dishwasher and/or mom and dad, some people prefer dish Jenga over getting their hands wet. You dirty it, you clean it. Everyone stays happy and you always have clean dishes!

Eat your own food and use your own stuff – This is seemingly another obvious one; if it isn’t your food, don’t eat it. If it isn’t yours, don’t use it unless given permission. If its 2:30 AM and you are eyeing up your roommates pizza leftovers; just order your own or make something yourself. The cold pizza isn’t worth the argument.

Don’t leave passive aggressive notes – So your roommate isn’t listening to the first two points in the list. Communicate calmly and openly, face to face, to your roommate and let them know. Sticky notes saying, “If you did your dishes, that would be grrreeeaaatttt.” with a smiley face are rarely accepted well.

Replace the toilet paper roll – If you empty the toilet paper roll, replace it and throw the old one in the recycling; not the floor, the recycling.

When it comes to chores; divide and conquer – The best way to ensure your living space stays clean, and everything gets done, is to divide up the chores and establish a schedule. Post the schedule where everyone can see. You can also set a day and time that works for everyone to do the chores together. If you do what you are supposed to, everyone will stay happy. Someone not carrying their weight? Add a reasonable and enforceable penalty for those who don’t do their chores; like not including them for the next two Taco Tuesdays.

Discuss each others’ schedules and routines – Communication is key, knowing each others’ schedules and being mindful of them will ensure everyone remains civil. Discuss visitors with your roommates to make sure the timing is right.

Pay your fair share – If everyone in the household is splitting the utility, internet, and TV costs; make sure you pay your fair share promptly. Your roommate shouldn’t have to chase you for money you agreed to pay.

It’s the little things –If you are doing your dishes and your roommate has two dirty plates, just clean them. Leaving for the weekend? Make sure your alarm clock isn’t set to 6:00AM with your door locked. Light a match in the bathroom when you are done. If your roommate has a lot of work and/or studying to do, plan to have your pancake kegger at your friends. Little things can go a long way.

Relax a little – Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s important to follow the rules set with your roommates but if someone is having a busy week, let the Kraft Dinner covered bowl and fork in the sink slide. If it becomes a larger issue over time; talk it over.

Living with a bad roommate – Share this list with them because you think its “funny.”

Follow these rules and your roommates will always remember you as a great person to live with, and it will make your time living together much more positive and stress free.

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