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Limestone Property Management

Home Protection Package

Your home is one of the most valuable assets you own.

There is a lot to think about when you plan an extended vacation, snow bird or leave your property for any extended period of time. Your assumption of “I live in a great neighborhood and nothing will happen” is not our main focus under this ‘Vacant Home Management Package.’ Of course it’s important to ensure that your property ‘looks’ like it’s being lived in, but more importantly, we want to ensure that you are still being covered under your home insurance. When your property is left unoccupied or vacant for a period of time, you could be compromising your insurance policy.

Why Does Your Home Insurance Provider Care if You are on Vacation or Extended Leave?

It is generally assumed that when you are home, you will be aware of any potential danger. You would be able to respond relatively quickly and mitigate any damage. In most cases, insurance companies insert into their ‘fine print’ that someone reasonable must carry out periodic inspections to ensure your policy does not become null and void.

Some stipulations may be:

  • Proper steps were taken to reduce the risk of burst pipes during the heating season;
  • That a reasonable person was given the task to inspect the property if it was going to be left vacant (find out for how many days you need to get an inspection);
  • It could be written that you must notify the insurance provider; and
  • The heat must remain on during at a minimum temperature during the cold months.

At LPM, you will have peace of mind knowing your home will look like someone is living in it, keep your insurance valid through periodic inspections, and coordinate routine exterior maintenance.

Some examples of our service include:

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly inspections;
  • Monitor thermostats;
  • Remove newspapers/flyers;
  • Run faucets/flush toilets;
  • Inspect windows and doors; and
  • Coordinating exterior maintenance


  • One Time:   Starting at $69.99

  • Bi-weekly:   $139.98/month

  • Once per Week:    $279.96/month

  • Twice per Week: $519.96/month

No Term Contract

We bill our services on an individual or monthly basis. There are no long-term contracts. Any cost of services performed by vendors/contractors are separate from our fees.


Inspections are conducted Monday-Friday during regular business hours. Please ask to view our 20-point checklist that we use for your property.

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